Dramatic & Refined Dining Room

This is a generous, formal dining room I designed with the vision of refined luxury in mind. This dining room is suitable for a client with discerning taste who appreciates a minimalistic approach, with muted, neutral tones, and a hint of drama.

Balance is a dominant theme in this room, and the introduction of moody, dark elements in an otherwise light and airy room helps to create a sense of rhythm. The clean lines of the furnishings and the use of natural colors and textures speak to refinement, while towering bronze sculptures, bold and contrasting artwork, and the grand, organic alabaster chandelier floating above emphasize drama.

This area is attached to a substantial kitchen (also featured in my portfolio), separated by cream-colored painted paneled walls and large, dark metal and glass sliding doors. Graceful crystal sconces flank this entry to add soft, elegant lighting to the dining experience.

Shade pockets are recessed into the soffits, which house unobtrusive mesh electric shades that can be brought down with a click of a button to cover the windows for privacy and bright sunlight control.